Although I mentioned last week that I wasn’t planning on expanding my wardrobe between now and when I move down under, I couldn’t resist the magnetism of the newly opened J. Crew (or J. Crack, as my American friends so fondly call it) in downtown Vancouver. After first being introduced to the brand by the likes of Kendi Everyday and the girls at A Piece Of Toast, I couldn’t stay away when the gods of retail plopped a store front right in my backyard.

As luck would have it, I’ve been particularly tight with the purse strings lately which made my inaugural visit to the Crew a whole lot happier. I had been perusing the online catalogues prior to Monday, and was completely in love with all of the totally-wearable-at-the-office fashion options that the store carries. But what I wasn’t ready for was J. Crew‘s No. 2 Pencil Skirt, which is a completely functional, totally well-made version of the office attire I was once utterly terrified of. You heard me right, I had a skirt-a-phobia. That’s what’s up.

My reason for being so afraid of giving in to the pencil skirt was that it seemed boring, restrictive (literally), and so… adult, god forbid. Despite overcoming these fears in recent years, J. Crew’s bold prints and colours have practically reinvented the pencil skirt for me, allowing me to maintain my love of colour and brights while still fitting in and dressing professionally at the office. As much as I can appreciate a great black blazer and skirt, it’s summertime and I’ll be damned if I can’t wear me some colour. And naturally, because I like to think I have a knack for bargain hunting, J. Crew has a number of their No. 2′s on sale at the moment–I picked up two, in purple and coral, for just $73 each (regular $134).Because I’m late for everything in the fashion world including colour-blocking, I’m really looking forward to putting these skirts together in a multitude of ways, both for office wear and non-corporate occasions. At work, one colourful piece of clothing is great at a time (I don’t want to blind anybody over here), but for the weekends, I’m excited to pair the skirts with coloured cardigans (like this one I just bought from Zara in yellow) or tights. What do you think, are bright pencil skirts your thing? What would you pair them with?