Last night I learned why you shouldn’t take months off from spinning class and expect to hop right back on the saddle, so to speak. Sore butt! Sore everything! I used to spin at least once a week, but when I started my first round of half marathon training, I abandoned all other exercise. I’m sure this was not a good idea, but it was the only thing getting me through all of those running sessions.

Now I’m about ready to start training for another half, and am determined this time to add some cross-training to my running regime. Technically, last night was supposed to be a running night, but I felt unmotivated and lazy, and for me the best solution for lack of motivation is group exercise. Once I’m in the group, something about the camaraderie makes it impossible for me to give up and walk out of class. I laced up my sneakers and chose to get back on the bike.

Before an hour of spinning, I definitely like to have a lite snack. I made myself a yummy blueberry date shake. So good!


I’m not going to lie and say I had a blast during spinning class. I do really like spinning, and can have a lot of fun in class. But the first time back on the bike was grueling. I felt out of shape and looked at the clock way more than normal.

Fortunately I always find that spinning is a great group atmosphere. Everyone is working hard and having fun doing it. When you feel like dying, someone seems to always look your way and smile. There were plenty of other people in the class who were brand new to spinning, and they weren’t giving up. Plus, it is almost impossible to stop when the instructor is playing insanely upbeat music. So I just kept on pedaling!


If you are new to spinning, my advice is to get to class early and set your bike correctly. Instructors are usually more than happy to help, and if you explain that you’re new they will make sure to pay more attention to basics like hand positions during class. Even though I’ve done a lot of spinning in the past, I still arrived early last night to make sure I got my settings correct and to say hi to the instructor. I promise it only takes a few classes to catch on! I also recommend bringing a towel (you sweat a ton), water, and wearing longer shorts or capris. It is a lot more comfortable, especially if you are self-conscious, to not have to worry about shorts riding up when you’re trying to get your sweat on.
I was famished when I got home and ended the night with a huge salad, topped with one of my favorite new veggie burgers from Hillary’s Eat Well. Then I finished with a bowl of mint-chocolate chip So-Delicious coconut milk ice cream. Yum!