This week there have been a ton of things on my mind, and it’s been hard to narrow them down to just a few. The weather in Vancouver is getting colder and rainier, and with the clock change a few weeks ago, it’s time to adjust to the sun going down at 5pm. Ah well, at least I can finally break out my favourite rain boots again. There’s just something so satisfying about walking in the rain and keeping your feet dry and warm. Take that, rain. Precipitation issues aside, here’s what’s been on my brain this week.

{peanut butter frozen yogurt pops}

I know that we’re coming into winter, and that it’s completely counter-intuitive to be loving ice cream-y things, but I can’t get enough of these little pops of yum. I’ve only recently stumbled upon the fabulousness that is greek yogurt, and when you combine it with peanut butter (which is as essential as oxygen to this girl’s bod), it’s instant bliss. And by instant I mean you have to wait for it them freeze first. It’s easy to make, with only four ingredients, so if you also share a love for all things peanut buttery, you can find the recipe here.

{my new snowboard helmet}

My mum and dad are very happy about this recent purchase–my new brain bucket. I stopped wearing my old one years ago, much to their chagrin, because I thought I looked totally uncool and that none of the other rad snowboarders would be my friend. No, not really, but I have found that my lack of courage on the mountain can sometimes be chalked up to the fear of trading my university education in for a vegetable brain. Not worth it. This year, I’m thinking I might do something totally insane and bad-ass: I might do an ollie or something.

{starbucks pumpkin lattes}

There’s nothing I love more this time of year than a starbucks latte, specifically pumpkin (surprise). But because I’m a thirfty girl, and refuse to justify a daily $5 latte habit, I’m going to share my secret to a budget friendly coffee treat with you. Instead of ordering the latte, get a regular coffee and ask for flavour syrup in it. It costs 50 cents to add the syrup to coffee, instead of the $3 more for the latte. If you’d like to add more than the usual dollop of milk (to better mimic the latte flavour), ask for your coffee in a cup one size larger, and add as much milk as you’d like. See? A latte (ish) for only $2.50. How great!

{homemade caramel corn}

If I had the time, I’d have made this weeks ago. I love caramel corn, and I have a ton of popcorn at home that’s begging to be eaten, so this would be a natural progression. If you, like me, are a sucker for this stuff (and hate buying it from the store because of all of the yucky additives), then you can find the recipe here. Now all you need is a good movie and your pyjamas!

{a great thought from a great mind}

Something for everyone to keep in mind. I recently read an article about the concept of a work-life balance, and its progression into a new concept called “work-life integration”. For most of us, our work is a large part of our lives. Why try to live and be happy in your non-9-to-5 hours? Why not be happy all the time? Do what you love, and love what you do. And if you don’t, it’s time to make a plan to figure out how you can. Do it, I dare you.

{snowy and dreamy}

I seriously love the way snow makes everything look. The way it sits in the trees and dusts the ground is just plain dreamy. Seriously. The snow has been falling up in Whistler, and I’m dying to get out to enjoy it. And even if you’re not a snow-lover like me, you can enjoy this wintery scene from the comfort and warmth of your own home. That way we can all agree on it’s beauty.