Back in the day, there was a place for a man, and a place for a woman. Certain things were expected from a man; as certain things were expected from a woman. Each sex was expected to know how to do certain things, and taught not to bother with other things, as it wasn’t their place. Flash forward to the present. Both sexes are expected to know how to do a multitude of things. Yet, somehow, there are still some things that most men don’t know how to do because these things are “not manly”. Well, now is the time to wake up and learn how, because your mother is not going to do these things for you forever.

Let’s talk about basic car maintenance. While this has in times past, been a “man’s thing”, there are still some men who don’t know how to do simple car maintenance. Every man should keep a spare tire and car jack (choose a best floor jack) in his car. In addition to, every man should know how to use a car jack to change a tire. Basic car maintenance also extends to changing brake pads, brake fluid, knowing how to check the oil, tire pressure, and being able to change the oil.

Basic home maintenance is also something every man (and woman for that matter) should know how to do. Every man should own a toolbox, with at least the basic essentials: various screws, nails, hammers, and screwdrivers. It cannot be more basic than this. Every man should be able to check the home for leaks, change an air conditioner or heating filter, and unclog a drain. Knowing how to fix more than this would be great, but these are just the bare bones minimal.

Cooking. Back in the day, this was always the “woman’s job”, since women stayed at home and didn’t work. I wonder what these men did in times past if their wives were unable to cook for whatever reason. Did they just starve until she came home? I’m not saying every man has to become a world renown chef, I’m simply talking about the basics. Cooking eggs, soup, a grilled cheese sandwich even. I know the microwave can be your best friend, but sometimes that gets old.

All men need to learn how to sew. I’m not saying you need to make your own clothing or something, but at least be able to sew a button back on, or fix a small tear in an item of clothing. This will also save you money from having to purchase new clothing just because one button fell off.

Speaking of clothing, let’s talk about laundry. All men should know how to do laundry. A nine year old child can figure this out, and it is pretty simple. Whites go with whites, dark colors go together, delicates get washed separately, and you don’t dry anything in the dryer on “hot”. Its really that simple.

Dirty dishes. All men need to know how to deal with dirty dishes. This one is pretty self explanatory.