For the past several months, the owners of Textures and Lucy and Leo’s, (Maggie and Jean) have been working super hard on their time away from the shop to train for a 165 mile bike ride from Miami to Key West.

Why are they doing this, you ask?

Here’s a little background…

Jean had ACL surgery last March. While rehabilitating, she discovered that riding the stationary bike felt best on her knee and seemed to be helping most. During this time, a friend (we will call her Kim) was recruiting friends to join her in a charity ride to raising money for the AIDS foundation. Jean decided that this would be a good goal, she bought a road bike and signed up.

Maggie did not have knee surgery. She started riding her commuter bike with Jean when (in the beginning) she needed a friend to go along on rides with her, just in case something happened with her knee. After riding on several long rides, she discovered that cycling did not make her Asthma flare up, when every other physical activity inhibited her breathing. She became very excited and started feeling like her lungs were becoming stronger and stronger every ride, making it so she does not need to use her inhaler at all. This is a HUGE feat. At this point she decided that a 165 mile ride from Miami to Key west could be an amazing goal as well, and help her stay healthy.

So here’s the details- November 18-19, Maggie and Jean will be conquering this amazing goal!! They will ride 100 miles the first day and 65 miles the second day. Since this is a charity ride, they each have to raise $1250 for the AIDS foundation. Each one of them have raised $700-ish which means they need to raise about $500- ish more.

In order to finish up their fund raising for this awesome cause, Maggie, Jean (and friends will) be riding a stationary bike inside Textures/L&L’s on Tuesday, November 8 starting at 10:00am – until ???. They will be riding the bike and taking donations until we raise $1000. To sweeten the deal, L&L’s will give you a cupcake for every $10 donation. If you donate $100 or more you get a gift certificate for a dozen cupcakes and a personalized Maggie Owl, that is a value of over $60!!!

This is an exciting adventure that these two have signed up for. Come by the shop to hear about how training is coming along.