Everyone loves rustic, vintage décor. This fall, rather than just vegging out in the sun, why not get a bit crafty? If you like DIY and crafty projects, then I think you would love to make your own costumes. Whether you have an afternoon to look for a DIY gift or just have a few hours to re-decorate your bathroom, I have gathered up over 10 of the best DIY projects to get your fall!

Vintage Plates
Get easy, beautiful craft ideas, simple knitting patterns by creating vintage decor on your own, which is one of the best ways to personalize your home. Start by creating a stencil for your letters by printing your favorite your types. Let to dry completely before spraying the sheets. Depending on the thickness of the plate, this can take your upto 10 minutes. Check out Dabney Frake project on Apartment Therapy.

DIY Tassel Pillow
Add personalized touches to your bedroom with easy low-budget DIY tassel pillow that you can make in just a few hours. All you need is: velvet fabric, trio wool-silk yarn, upholstery weight linen and mohair throw. Cut out a piece of cardboard with a width you want your tassel to be. Don’t worry cut off excess, they can be used for other DIY projects. Then cut 4 inch piece of floss. Twist them in your type. I prefer to iron my tassels to give them a crisp look then add them to a pillow. You can find more inspiration from Rachel and Lindsay’s tutorials.

DIY Wooden Bungee Organizer
DIY wooden bungee organizer can be a functional piece of wall art is great clever & easy way to organize scarves, sunglasses, cords, jewelry. This project is uber easy and produces quite a beautiful result. You can use poplar wood dowels, but other types of wood would be fine, such as oak dowels if you have them laying around.

Bungee cords (you’ll get it in pieces anyway since it breaks when opened)
Wood stain
3 2-foot hobby boards.

Drill bit
Wood glue
A best compound sliding miter saw OR table saw (this type of power tool is expensive and you need to take time to learn how to use them properly.)

Carved Leather Bracelet
If you are looking for a great homemade gift for Dad, then a carved leather bracelet can be a best idea. Making your own leather bracelets from scratch is not difficult as you might think, because you can find all materials easily in the local store. Make sure keep the leather pliable in order to create deeper indentions.

Marbled Votives
These votives bring bright and cheery color to your tablescape, and they are so easy to make and they’ll only take a few minutes. There is a wide range of types in which they can easily be spruced up to fit in with any situation, such as scribble watery paint on the inside of clear glass. For most projects, you will need: craft knife, glass vessels, paint brushes, etc.